Monday, October 23, 2017

About The Conference

Challenges and inspiring new ideas collide, in order to inject renewed enthusiasm into projects for improved practices in education and health.

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Innovation in Education, Bloemfontein Summit, a partnership between the Central University of Technology, the Institute for Innovation in Education (IIE), Royal Haskoning DHV, Beijing Royal School and Learning Academy Worldwide. This summit brings together educators, researchers, students, organizations, professionals and entrepreneurs working at the forefront of technology and learning in both the education and health sectors. Part unconference, part "startup weekend," part showcase, this event helps individuals, teams and organizations meet new collaborators, share ideas, develop new partnerships and work on project development and planning. Throughout the three days, activities are designed to be opportunities to connect with the broader educational community while engaging in wide-­‐ranging discussions around innovative ideas and practices.

The 1st Annual Innovation in Education in South Africa was held in Durban, last year. It is part of a series of “Gatherings” organized by the Institute for Innovation in Education (IIE) and Learning Academy Worldwide in cooperation with partner organizations. These events aim to meet growing needs for agile, creative approaches to the educational and social challenges of our times; for stronger connections among educational, social, and commercial organizations working together to nurture more highly skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate citizenries; and for ongoing professional communities to support creative educators dedicated to the design of immersive learning experiences


This summit is designed to help new, emerging, and established projects with the intention to help them move forward with renewed plans, resources, and ideas, and to create goals and working plans for the following 6 to 12 months. At the same time, each Gathering is designed to maximize opportunities for feedback and exchange among project teams, and to strengthen relationships among individuals within a global network of professionals committed to ongoing discourse, improvement and change in education.

Keynote Sessions

  1. Inspiring challenges from our special Guest Speakers
  2. Integrated reflections on priorities for reform in Education and Health

Some of our speakers at the 2013 Durban Summit.


Lightning Presentations

  1. The point is to make a point, and explain it as quickly as possible.
  2. Most details don't matter.
  3. Death by Powerpoint is punishable - you only have 5 minutes.
  4. There's only one way to make sure that your talk will fit in the time-slot, and that's to practice


Unconferenced Collaboratives

  1. Opportunities to find partners.
  2. Space to design joint projects.
  3. Support to manage projects.
  4. Incentives to collaboratively work at a distance.


Panel Discussions

  • Rocking traditional models of dialogue
  • Finding deficiencies without finding fault
  • Identifying common purposes

This conference will use the panel discussion model as a space and place to zoom in on the areas of need, or, more specifically, areas of ignorance - the unknowns and questions that keep us up at night.

Global Connect

Live Web-based communications systems (Webex/Skype) used to listen to inspiring projects.

  • Michigan, USA
  • Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL
  • Beijing, CHINA


To demonstrate and showcase the powerful possibilities of innovative collaborative projects that solve real problems.


  • Each School-, University-, Community- or Government- project is concretely farther along than they were at the beginning of the Summit.
  • New contacts, networks, partners and alliances are made.
  • Several projects document a first draft of plans for the next 6-12 months.
  • New project ideas for education and health are identified.
  • Some cross-sectional and integrated projects are contemplated.
  • Knowledge of solutions possible through technology is acquired.
  • Knowledge of Project-based learning is acquired


This event will be recorded. Audio and selected video recordings wil be made available after the conference